Retirement Planning

Most of us would like to retire early but this is becoming increasingly difficult without effective retirement planning.

For some people any prospect of retiring would be welcomed.


The government have already extended the State Pension age and as the state find it increasingly difficult to provide for an ageing population private pension planning is becoming increasingly important.


At Freeman Financial Services Ltd we aim to gain a thorough understanding of  your retirement goals.  We do this by considering your current position, compare this to your financial objectives and identify if there is any shortfall. Sometimes it may just be a case of enhancing the quality of your retirement, as you may already have some provision in place.


Using surplus income and/ or capital you can increase the size of your pension pot and our role is to manage this in the most effective way.


Pension planning still remains one of the most tax efficient ways of saving for retirement and allows you to take advantage of tax breaks. When you finally draw your pension we will be here to advise you of your options.


Under current legislation you can draw 25% tax free cash and the balance remains in a fund to produce an income.


We can also provide advice regarding how to draw a pension income including Annuities and Drawdown.

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