Wealth Management

Saving and investing is about making your money work for you.

Some of us might never have invested before and it can be quite daunting trying to understand the myriad of options available.  We will help you devise a strategy and find appropriate products to suit your needs.  Whilst some of us prefer the security of deposit accounts, others want the potential for greater growth achieved through investments. Some people invest with a specific aim in mind- such as university fees, a holiday, home improvements, others simply want to make surplus income/ capital work harder for them. Whatever the reason, the objective is usually to maximise the potential returns on their money.


Part of our role is to determine your Attitude toward investment risk and your capacity to accept risk.  We aim to build a balanced investment portfolio and manage this to reflect changing economic circumstances.  Risk is also related to the term of the investment. If you are considering stock market based investments you should consider a longer term view and be willing to invest for the medium to longer term (at least 5 years).  This means your investment will be less sensitive to market volatility.

At Freeman Financial Services Ltd we aim to provide our clients with not only initial advice and help, but an ongoing regular review of your portfolio, we intend to support your needs throughout the lifetime of your investment.

Freeman Financial Services Ltd recognises that no single investment house has a monopoly on investment expertise and therefore applies a strategy to address this.


We do not employ in-house investment managers; instead we carefully select a number of external managers of outstanding ability to manage our range of funds.  We do not restrict this range of managers to a finite panel of managers, but rather remain open minded and through detailed research identify the most competent fund managers in each area.  We ensure wide diversification across both assets classes and individual fund managers.  A typical investment portfolio will hold between 30-40 individual funds.  Generally we do not hold more than 4% in any one fund, so for example if we hold 12% in one asset class such as property, this would be spread across at least 3 fund managers.



Our Investment Philosophy

• Fixed core strategic Asset Allocation with no tactical overlay at core level

(equities- Fixed Income- Property- Money Market- Commodity)

• Portfolio construction is based on long term asset class returns

• Quantitative research- data sourced from Analytics (Financial Express)

• Qualitative research- output from meetings with fund managers

• Emphasis on consistency of returns relative to benchmark- information ratio

• Extensive use of managers who actively use multiple assets/ regions


* Freeman Financial Services Ltd believes that the best way to help investors meet their financial goals is through active management.  We pursue this objective through a five-tiered investment process:

• Asset Allocation

• Portfolio Design

• Investment Manager Selection

• Portfolio Management

• Risk Management



Asset AllocationWealth Management gold bars

An investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio's assets according to an individual's goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.


Portfolio Design

Portfolios are designed using the principle of Diversification. By using several funds within each asset class which each meet certain investment criteria, a reduction in volatility can be achieved without compromising performance.


Investment Manager Selection

One of our core strategies is the use of funds with different investment approaches, where each can be successful and not a compromise on performance on a risk/reward basis.


We regularly review performance of funds across particular sectors and regularly attend meetings and seminars to meet fund managers and discuss their investment approaches with them.


Portfolio Management

Following a review, clients are contacted and their portfolios are switched and re-balanced bringing them back in line with their chosen attitude to risk. This is also an opportunity to sell out of underperforming funds/areas and buy into undervalued funds/areas.

Coins in handRisk Management

Risk and uncertainty are different. The possibility that things may not turn out exactly as you expected is uncertainty. Risk, to some may mean the possibility of losing a portion of your capital and is not as simple as just assessing a volatility figure. For others, the risk of capital not producing sufficient income to support a desired lifestyle may be the dominant concern.


Risk and uncertainty cannot be eliminated. However, they can be measured and managed within an investment portfolio.


There are different ways that risk can be managed, ranging from a low exposure to equities, to reducing dependency on any single asset class or fund to deliver desired investment outcomes.


A widely used strategy for managing investment risk is Diversification which can be achieved at several levels, including:-

• Asset Class (Cash, Fixed Interest, Property, Equities)

• Geography (UK, US, Emerging Economies)

• Sector (Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Retail)

• Management of Asset Classes (Fixed or Variable)

• Investment Management Styles (Active or Passive)

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